If you are a provider of services in Lebanon and the Middle East and need to communicate with businesses in local languages, we can help you locally in your marketing activities by helping translate and interpret the contents of your material into the local language.

Here is a list of the work we do

We can work on your presentations and marketing brochures and translate them to the required language. We can accompany you during your marketing activities and meetings specifically to help provide interpretation between you and the prospect or customer you are working with. Please note that we are not technical specialists and we do not provide any technical translation or interpretation of descriptions or technical specifications of your products or services. Our task is to help you only during the high level marketing activity as described above. Please note that we do not represent you or act on your behalf. Please note that we do not provide any translation or interpretation services for agreements or contracts that any provider may need to submit to any prospect or any customer and please note that you are required to hire other specialized resources to perform these tasks or do them yourselves as we do not perform those tasks.

Examples of work we do: We can organize marketing activities like a campaign or a group activity. We can contact a prospect or a customer you indicate to us to verify their availability and to schedule a meeting for you to meet with them. We can accompany you to meetings to help you by providing interpretation services into the local language. Please note that we can translate your marketing presentations and photos, graphs or marketing artwork to the local language your prospect or customer understands. But we do not translate any technical specifications and detailed documents related to any products or services nor do we translate your proposals or your agreements and contracts and we specifically require you to hire other specialized services to do this type work for you if you feel you cannot perform the work yourselves as we are clearly not specialists technical or otherwise of any sort and do not pretend to be so. We may forward some of your documents to customers as closed documents prepared by you if the need arises to do so but we are not responsible for any content therein. You remain the sole owner of the content of any document and of the relationship with the customer and any performance and other entities related to the situation you work on and our role is to just help and assist in limited language facilitator tasks as described above.

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